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IPIX media is an evolutionary, perhaps revolutionary, step forward in visual communication.  IPIX moves beyond the conventional "master / slave" paradigm for media, where the camera dictates the view to the media consumer.  Under the IPIX paradigm, the media consumer is free to personalize the view and look around interactively at will.  As a result, IPIX media is more engaging, more communicative, and more useful than conventional, framed-view media. This section and sub-sections describe in more detail what IPIX media is, what some basic use cases are, and how IPIX adds value to the entire media production pipeline.

IPIX Media

Conventional media only records and plays back one direction of view – the direction in which the camera is pointing. Activity occurring in other directions is lost forever. Nor does conventional media do a good job of capturing the context of an event. The shots are cropped according to the physics of the camera.

IPIX changes that. IPIX captures all directions surrounding the camera, and thereby adds the all-important contextual information and completeness that is missing from conventional media. Because the entire context of an event is captured, the media consumer can be given personal control of the view. The media consumer can, if so desired, interactively look around at will, even on archived footage, to see everything that happened. Under the IPIX media model, a million consumers can re-aim a single media stream in a million different directions and zoom levels, all without affecting each other.

IPIX's patented media technology changes the media paradigm from "one camera / one, same, rigid, view," to "one camera / many, different, interactive, views." In other words, as highlighted above, IPIX breaks the reigning "master / slave" paradigm.  Such a fundamental shift has broad implications for how enterprises, content creators, and consumers will produce, consume, and use media going forward.

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